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Susan Kusek


The idea was born through my experience with my father. He lived alone in his own home almost until the time he passed. I went to help him for several months since I have the experience …

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The inspiration for Kusek Cares came from personal experience. I had a transitional period in my life that really allowed me to review where I was and what I was passionate about.

The Tasks of Registered Nurses in a Hospital Setting Explained


Registered nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system. Their job extends far beyond helping physicians with patient care to educating patients on their medical conditions and offering advice to the patients and their families. Being kind, caring, and dedicated is part and parcel of what nursing is all about.

Susan Kusek Explains Aggregate Marketing


When analyzing the market of a country or an economic sector, the regular models of standard markets do not do a sufficient job. In cases such as, studying and forecasting the gross production, inflation, and unemployment of the US market or the EU economy, the aggregate market is the go-to model used by economists and analysts.

The Pre-Planning Process for End of Life

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It is never easy for one to make plans for the end of life, it is a difficult topic to have an open and honest discussion about. Whether you’re approaching your senior years or you’re a millennial with an aging parent, broaching the subject is always uncomfortable. Some people are even too afraid to talk about it and will continuously neglect the conversation.

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