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Susan Kusek

Early Life & Education

Susan Kusek began her career in the fields of marketing, journalism, and advertising. However, Sharon decided to pursue a different career where she could help others directly, so she returned to school and earned a nursing degree. For several years she worked in the ICU and coronary care units, initially as a full-time nurse and later per diem as she moved into the pharmaceutical industry.

Susan’s unique background in marketing and healthcare gave her the perfect experience to start Kusek Cares, LLC.

Kusek Cares, LLC.

Founded in …, Kusek Cares offers people and their families the ability to prepare for their passing. Susan was inspired to start this business after her family experienced the death of her father. “It was such a difficult experience because of Dad’s waning health, but it was made even more difficult because of all the other things that were not settled before we had reached that point.” Susan’s family was shocked to know of all the small tasks that had to be done after the passing of their father, such as reporting his death to the power company. “Some companies have such a cumbersome process and dealing with that on top of the loss itself is painful.” Through education and awareness, the Kusek Cares team lets families know how to be ready for these things so it’s a non-issue.

As a trained nurse and someone who has personally experienced the process, Susan has developed a unique process to assist individuals and families. “The first step is to have that discussion that no one wants to have, to know what to expect and make the choices that need to be made in advance of death.” Explains Susan. “Secondly, we provide the necessary support to the family.”

IdeaMensch Interview

The idea was born through my experience with my father. He lived alone in his own home almost until the time he passed. I went to help him for several months since I have the experience in nursing. My brother was the POA, so he had a lot of responsibility toward my father and his affairs. While I was there daily, I had to make several decisions …

Inspirery Interview

The inspiration for Kusek Cares came from personal experience. I had a transitional period in my life that really allowed me to review where I was and what I was passionate about. My father was aging and still living in his own home. I had recently had to take a leave from work due to a very bad broken leg that had me non-weight bearing …

The Pre-Planning Process for End of Life

It is never easy for one to make plans for the end of life, it is a difficult topic to have an open and honest discussion about. Whether you’re approaching your senior years or you’re a millennial with an aging parent, broaching the subject is always uncomfortable. Some people are even too afraid to talk about it and will continuously neglect the …

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