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Pennington, New Jersey


Susan Kusek is the Founder of Kusek Cares, LLC. With her team, Susan provides pre-death planning for families, and offers a compassionate ear and experienced wisdom to those in need.

After caring for a family member during their last months, Susan and her family experienced the array of struggles that came with this tough time. Uncertainty, grief, even family dynamics all played a major role in this experience.

Out of this tough time, Susan decided to use her experience in the healthcare industry to help others experiencing something similar. Kusek Cares was developed to make this time easier by educating and preparing families for what Susan calls the “administrative side” of one’s death.

Susan Kusek

Susan’s career began in marketing and journalism, with a small stint in advertising before returning to school to earn a nursing degree. She worked for several years in the ICU and coronary care units, initially full-time and later per diem as she moved into the pharmaceutical industry. In this role, Susan was known for her ability to take on comprehensive programs that needed the most attention and guide her team to success.

After Susan’s father experienced a severe injury that later resulted in death, Susan took time to reflect on what matters most in life. What came out of this dark time was Kusek Cares, LLC. This venture allows Susan and her team to provide a light for those going through what she has

" The passing of a loved one can rock your world and I want to make things easier in a very emotional time. I aim to be a one-stop contact for information and resources on planning for death. "
Susan Kusek

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